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Mummy Face Food

Halloween Inspired Pizzas

Halloween is a wonderful time of year to experiment with your favorite foods.  Whether you add some scary eyes,or scary colors, having fun with food is a holiday tradition in my home.  We especially love to enjoy the Halloween season.  And this Mummy Pizza recipe is one of our favorites.

Here’s what you need to make this Halloween treat.

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Steak Veggies

3 One-Pan Fall Dinner Recipes You Will Love

With school, baseball practice and scout meetings, who has time to make a well- balanced dinner every night.  So making one-pan dinners is the only way to go this time of year.  It makes planning out dinner so much easier.  All you have to do is put together your favorite dishes into one pot or on one pan and let it come together as the perfect meal.

Here are some One-Pan Fall Dinner recipes you will love.

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Sausage And Potatoes 2

Tips for Planning Meals that Won’t Heat Up the Kitchen

While the weather is cooling down in some parts of the country, it’s still warm in others.  And now that our kiddos are in school, playing sports or doing other after school activities, the last thing we want to do is spend hours in the kitchen over a hot stove or oven.   There are other ways to plan and prepare a wonderful meal without heating up the kitchen.  

Here are a few ideas;

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Sausage And Potatoes

One-Pan Dinner Recipes for a Busy Week

Lets face it --- once school starts, everything else starts up again!  If we are not busy doing homework, we are taking our kiddos to practice or other after-school activities.  That leaves very little time for planning a big family dinner.  So it’s important we have a few,31+ easy one-pan dinner recipes ready to go.

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Lunches with Purpose

Here are some simple recipes and ideas to make your kids lunch extra special!

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Crock Pot Nfl 6 Quart Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot NFL 6-Quart Slow Cooker $38.89

This is the best time of year for slow cooking your favorite recipes.  Right now at Walmart, you can pick up one of these Crock-Pot NFL 6 Quart Slow Cookers online on sale for $38.89.  This is perfect for Sunday game day!

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Kids Snacks

The Best Practice Snacks for Busy Kids

As our weeks get busier and busier with school and sports, it may be harder and harder to control what our kids are eating, especially during the week.  So it becomes even more important to pre-plan our kids’ snacks to guarantee they are eating something healthy and not overloading on sugar.

When feeding our kids their after school or after practice meals, it’s important to focus on protein.  Protein is the best food for our kids to eat after a workout or practice.  It’s also healthy food that will get them through til dinner.

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Bbq End Of Summer

End of Summer BBQ Ideas

Whew….it’s been a long hot summer and the unofficial end of summer is upon us.  Most of you may be preparing for a big three-day weekend.  If so, you will need some end of the summer bbq ideas.  

Of course Labor Day Weekend doesn’t mean you have to stop grilling outside but it’s a good excuse to have one big grilling party.

Here are some fun grilling ideas for the weekend.

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Bts Lunch Idea

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Whether you are in the thick of it or just about to start, it’s time to think about making school lunches for your kids.  And when we are planning to send our kids off for the day, we want to make sure they are eating healthy meals.  

So here are a few healthy school lunch recipes and ideas for a good school lunch!

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