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This Just for Mom content is ideal for all Sports Moms who have a priority of taking care of themselves while they take care of their kids.

Stress Relieving

Stress Relieving Practices – Mind, Body, & Spirit

Life can be overwhelming sometimes.  You want the kids to enjoy each day with new opportunities, but that requires a huge commitment and sacrifice on your part.  From the financial aspect of playing sports and engaging in extracurricular activities to the hectic schedule it creates, we know how necessary it is for us parents to relieve stress and decompress.

Relieving stress looks a little different for everyone.  Some parents love going for a run and exuding energy, while some of us really just want to dive into a pint of ice cream.  When stress overtakes your thought life, it’s important to establish a healthy manner of calming your mind, body, and spirit.  Here are some practices you can try to help you relieve stress in a healthy way.

Coping strategies help manage stress in a healthy way.  And you can practice these techniques before you become overwhelmed with stress to help prepare you when the stress does hit.

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Hairstyles to Keep you Cool During Football Season

Whether you’re a cheerleader, a fan, or a sports mom, football season and it’s changing weather can do some serious damage to your hair.  The season starts in the summer, and for those in the south, you know how unbearable the heat can be.  To help you stay cool during the summer months of the football season, we’ve come up with a list of hairstyles that are the perfect blend of trend and purpose.

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Fun Activities to Cool You Off

So we are in the home stretch…. It’s been a long hot summer but it’s about to get cooler in most of the country. But if you are still living in the hot zone (like me) you may be looking for ways to cool down inside and outside. While it’s easy to keep the kids inside during those hot days, we also want them to get outside and enjoy.  So here are some ideas for helping the kids cool off inside and out -- and without playing on their devices all day.  

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Waering White

Wearing White After Labor Day

If you’re a 90’s kid, you were raised in a time where wearing white after Labor Day was a major faux-pas.

But it’s 2017, y’all.  And everything is changing.

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Workout Vacation

Take your Workout on the Road

Are you taking a vacation this summer?  Most Americans will hit the road or take to the air for a special get-away with the family.  And while we are away, we will be eating and drinking a lot more than we do on a regular day.  So don’t forget to take your workout with you when you travel.   

Here are some tips for taking your workout on the road.

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Family-Friendly Fourth of July Plans

Fourth of July is the one day of the year that America comes together in incredible celebration for all of the sacrifices and courage of our armed forces.  We celebrate freedoms that have deep meaning in our lives, we enjoy a day off from work, and we say a prayer for all of the soldiers who are overseas right now fighting to keep America free.

If you’re looking to change up your plans from the typical barbeque, here are some family-friendly ideas:

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5 Manly Father’s Day Recipes

Are you planning on grilling or cooking for dad this weekend?  If so you will love these 5 Manly Father’s Day Meat recipes!  Most men will admit they love a great, hearty meal, especially to celebrate Father’s Day.  Whether you are grilling for dad this weekend or preparing his favorite dish, here are some other ideas to share with dad. 

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Sm Top Golf 1

Father’s Day Plans for the Whole Family

Father’s Day is just days away and, if you’re anything like me, planning something fun for the whole family to celebrate Dad can be a bit difficult.  Finding the balance of keeping the kids entertained and happy while making this day extra special for Dad is a tough job.

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DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

Whether you are a mom or a dad, parents love homemade gifts from their kiddos.  And Father's Day is the perfect time for a homemade gift!  There are so many wonderful ways to show dad you care, so why not put some love and energy into one of these Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas!

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